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Three things all Florida girls have to master: 1) driving during snow bird season 2) accepting that when people think of FL their minds go straight to Disney & 3) dressing for the brutal summers! The one staple that gets me through every time is the perfect light & airy little dress. Preferably with no sleeves and absolutely above the knee! When I found this one at Forever 21 I knew it made the cut & had to be a part of my summer stock! Seriously Florida summers are no joke- I have actually contemplated carrying around one of those squirt bottle/fan contraptions. Okay, maybe not but just take my word for it- it gets HOT. But I’m not allowed to fret about the heat, because during the “winter” I gripe about the cold. Doesn’t make sense right? So here is to the beautiful sunny Florida summers & knowing how to dress to survive them!


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