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I have failed this year, I have not made enough pumpkin blessed things. BUT the fall season is not over yet. I will not be pulled into the Christmas hullabaloo just yet! Until Thanksgiving comes & goes, It is perfectly acceptable to continue to fill your minds with all things pumpkin. I wanted to do something a little different this time… I have never made biscotti before & it seemed like a perfect companion for pumpkin pie spice & pumpkin purée. This recipe was relatively simple. It had a lot of steps & baking and re-baking but it was not difficult AT ALL. There were two things that I was slightly disappointed about – one of those was my own fault & one I think was the fault of the recipe. The first was when I went to ‘drizzle’ the white chocolate over the biscotti-apparently I lack the fine art of chocolate drizzling. So what if I ended up just smearing it on them, so what if they aren’t the prettiest. They were GOOD. The second thing that didn’t turn out quite right I attribute to the recipe. Baked exactly as written, my biscotti didn’t turn out as hard & crunchy as I wanted. It was a little more on the chewy side. Now if you aren’t a biscotti fanatic then it won’t bother you, but if so then either bake them at each step longer, or find another recipe. In the end they were delicious & satisfied my need for more pumpkin. Recipe I used is here. Happy baking!


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