A Fragrance for Any OccasionA Fragrance for Any Occasion

Recently I have come to realize how important a good fragrance is. Fragrance is, after all, one of the largest triggers of memory. How romantic is that? How one scent of an old perfume or cologne can take you back to any certain time – like the one you splurged on for your wedding day, the whiff of your boyfriends (now husband) old cologne that he used to wear when you were dating, or the scent you wore on your last girls weekend away. This is why it’s such a predicament ( first world problems, anyone?) that I have not had a signature fragrance in quite a while. The problem is, is that I cannot go in and test multiple scents at one time because they all start to smell the same after a while. Sephora does offer free samples of any of their perfumes but I am pretty sure that they would not appreciate me requesting 5+ free samples since I just can’t choose. SOOO, I was ecstatic when I happened upon this. Sephora offers a prepackaged array of perfume samples of “Sephora’s Favorites”. They have several different boxes with different perfumes in them so that you can choose the one with the most samples you want to try! The one I went with offered 9 deluxe samples & they were in the pretty little miniature bottles of the full size versions! So I got 9 deluxe samples for $69 and here is the kicker…inside the box is a voucher for a FREE full size bottle of one of the perfumes in the box! So 9 samples plus a free full size bottle, ( once I figure out which one I want! Hello, indecisive…) that sounds like the answer I was looking for!I will keep you updated on which are my favorites!


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