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{Top: Anthropologie | Denim: Mother Denim | Shoes: Converse | Bracelets: Hipanema/Kate Spade | Watch: Charming Charlie | Sunnies: Target | Lip Color: ColourPop London Fog}

So “they” say that if you mix denim, it should be of two contrasting washes. Whoops. Sometimes I think we get so caught up in the “rules” & what is accepted by society or trendy at the moment. We forget what fashion and style is all about – making it your own. The definition of style is what you do with what you are given. Forget about the rules & do YOU! Wear what you love & what you think looks amazing & what you feel good in. The rest doesn’t matter. So here I am in denim on denim that AREN’T two different washes. Boom.


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